SHDF Wave 2.2 Funding: All you need to know

  • October 12 2023
  • LivGreen

SHDF Wave 2.2 funding – All you need to know.

The government has recently unveiled information regarding the upcoming phase of the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund. This initiative aims to modernise a significant portion of the UK's aging social housing units that currently fall beneath EPC band C. It marks the most recent injection of funds into a crucial funding stream that has proven indispensable for the UK's ambitious Net Zero goals.

Beginning in April 2024, SHDF will provide an additional £80,000,000 in grant funding. The allocated funds are expected to be fully utilised by March 2025, with significant projects being completed, if necessary, by March 2026. The application process for securing this funding will open the week commencing November 20, 2023, and all interested parties must submit their applications by the week commencing January 15, 2024.

For your convenience, we've provided the complete timeline from the government's official website below:

Wave 2.2 timescale

Who can apply?

You can apply for the funding if you are applying on behalf of any of the following: Local authorities, combined authorities, registered providers of social housing, including housing associations and arms-length management organisations (ALMOs) that hold registered provider status, and registered charities that own social housing are all qualified entities eligible to apply directly for Wave 2.2. They may submit applications either as individual bidders or serve as the lead organisation within a consortium.

Additionally, organisations mentioned above, including ALMOs not holding registered provider status, have the option to apply as members of a consortium led by an eligible organisation authorised to spearhead a bid.

Importantly, those that have had successful bids as part of wave 2.1 for their housing stock will not be eligible for funding under wave 2.2

What type of property is eligible

All social housing units falling below EPC band C, as defined by the Housing and Regeneration Act 2008 (sections 68-70), regardless of their specific archetype, are considered eligible for Wave 2.2.

For Wave 2.2 submissions, it is mandatory to include a minimum of 100 eligible social housing properties rated between EPC band D and G per bid.

Applicants desiring to participate in Wave 2.2 with fewer than 100 eligible social housing properties within the EPC band D-G range should first explore the possibility of submitting a consortium bid to meet this minimum requirement.

Recognising the constrained timeframe for Wave 2.2 projects, if neither of the options is feasible despite earnest efforts, applicants may submit a bid with fewer than 100 homes, provided they present a compelling justification. In such cases, it is expected that bids should strive to come as close to 100 homes as practicable.

If you’re unsure about your eligibility then please feel free to contact us and we will be able to offer additional guidance.

How to Apply

As indicated in the timeline provided above, SHDF Wave 2.2 will commence accepting applications on the week of November 20th.

The competition is presently in the clarification phase, emphasising the provision of comprehensive details. This approach ensures that prospective applicants have access to all the necessary information for a successful submission.

For more in-depth insights, a valuable Q&A resource is accessible on the government's website. It covers a range of extensive queries that have been posed, accompanied by detailed responses, which can be found here.

LivGreen SHDF wave 2.2 webinar

Join Our webinar on 1st November to hear more about wave 2.2 funding. We will have some great key speakers including Samantha Tullock, Assistant director of Strategic Assets from Believe housing who will be discussing their learnings from SHDF wave 2.1, what makes a bid successful and how to successfully plan the programme of works that will need to be carried out.

We will also be joined by Sarah Mclelland, the Principal consultant for sustainability at Turner & Townsend who will discuss the specific requirement as well as what the application process entails and how to give yourself the best opportunity for a successful application.

Please click here and fill out the simple form to register for the webinar. We look forward to you joining us on the day.

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