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Our Net Zero Plan For The Housing Sector

The Benefits of Retrofitting in Housing

The UK is experiencing two large housing problems, rising energy prices, as well as the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions from our homes. Residents are increasingly worried about how they can reduce energy use in their homes, to not only save money but also help to combat the fight against climate change. 

The UK's largely ageing homes produce more carbon emissions every year than what is produced by all the vehicles on our roads. To reach the national net zero targets by 2050, we must decarbonise all homes in England, including the 2.7 million homes owned by housing associations. Retrofitting is the best solution to these issues.


Retrofitting is the process of making substantial energy-efficient upgrades or modifications to existing buildings or homes with the primary goal of achieving net-zero Carbon emissions. Retrofitting techniques can vary from minor changes such as switching to low-energy LED bulbs, to upgrading a building’s entire heating or insulation system.

At LivGreen, our team of experts and architects work closely with housing providers and residents to provide distinct tailored solutions that prioritise compliance, sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and exceptional customer service. LivGreen has been helping landlords and local authorities secure funding for their decarbonisation goals, whilst also completing essential works to help these associations achieve their ambitious net zero targets. 


 Keeping Residents Informed

At LivGreen, we have a dedicated resident liaison team that provides insightful guidance and quality support throughout the delivery of your retrofit project. This team serves as a point of contact for residents, providing them with timely and effective responses to their questions and concerns. They work closely with residents to ensure that the delivery of each retrofit project is seamless and efficient.


 Resident Engagement & Community Initiatives

We regularly organise community engagement initiatives such as resident engagement days and coffee mornings to promote open communication between our team and residents. These initiatives provide a platform for residents to share their opinions and feedback on our services in a supportive and inclusive environment.

By fostering open communication, we are better equipped to address the needs of our residents and deliver services that meet their expectations.


 Health Benefits For Your Residents

Improving the energy efficiency of buildings, like adding insulation and making them more weatherproof, can make residents healthier, especially those who are more vulnerable. These improvements can lead to better physical health, including less trouble with breathing and heart problems, joint pain, and allergies, as well as fewer accidents.

In cold places, making buildings more energy-efficient can reduce the number of people who fall ill in winter, and in hot places, it can help prevent dehydration and health problems.


We use a special 5-step process for retrofitting that goes beyond just meeting requirements

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