Frameworks simplify the process for purchasers in the public and third sectors to procure goods and services from a pre-approved selection of suppliers, which includes established terms, conditions, and legal protections.

LivGreen is proud to be a listed approved supplier of various Frameworks, making it as easy as possible to access our services.


LivGreen has received approval as a supplier within the Frameworx Framework. Frameworx offers our social housing partners the chance to access a range of pre-screened contractors, consultants, vehicle providers, and building material suppliers, ensuring they have access to excellent choices and cutting-edge solutions.


LivGreen has been endorsed as a supplier within the Prosper Framework, a non-profit consultancy specialising in procurement and construction projects. Prosper's team of experts partners with housing providers and public sectors in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland to create tailored solutions that optimise value.


LivGreen stands as an esteemed approved supplier within the LHC Procurement Framework. LHC expertly facilitates collaboration between buyers and suppliers, streamlining the construction, renovation, and maintenance of social housing and public infrastructure for improved efficiency, affordability, and local community benefits. 


LivGreen has received approval as a supplier within the Greener Futures Framework, a cooperative venture consisting of housing associations that share a common vision. The Greener Futures Partnership was established in 2021, with the collective aim of significantly advancing the social housing sector's commitment to environmental sustainability. 


Livgreen is proud to be an approved supplier within Advantage South West Framework. Advantage South West boasts a track record of successfully facilitating collaboration and innovation within the social housing sector, ultimately enhancing both homes and lives.

Somerset Independence Plus

Livgreen has been endorsed as a supplier within the Somerset Independence Plus framework, enhancing services by bringing together staff from various agencies, facilitating easier access for customers to the Independence and Advice Centres.


Here at Livgreen, we are proud to be endorsed as a supplier within the Crown Commercial Service Framework. They use their commercial knowledge to help government and other public sector buyers purchase various items, such as locum doctors, laptops, police cars, and electricity.


Livgreen has received approval as a supplier within the Scotland Excel Framework.  Their services aim to be cost-effective, and any surplus revenue gets reinvested to provide additional value for their members.


Here at Livgreen we are excited to announce that we are an esteemed supplier within Midlands Net Zero Hub. They support organisations across the Midlands in identifying and developing local net-zero and energy strategies and projects.