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Delivering Excellence in Retrofit

LivGreen Services

At LivGreen, we provide a streamlined one-stop-shop solution for SHDF & ECO 4 projects, encompassing a diverse range of retrofit services. Our revered PAS certification and Trustmark accreditation underscore our dedication to quality, ensuring optimal retrofit solutions in housing.

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All Insulation Measures

Insulating your home is one of the most important steps towards achieving a zero-carbon home. At LivGreen We install Internal Wall Insulation, External Wall insulation, Cavity Wall insulation and Loft insulation. 

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Air Source / Ground Source Heat Pumps

LivGreen install Air Source / Ground Source Heat Pumps to extract heat from one source and amplify it, delivering multiplied heat energy output. This efficient transfer provides eco-friendly heating and cooling for homes with minimal electricity.

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Window & Door Insulation

Windows and doors play an important role in a homes zero-carbon performance. Taking a fabric first approach, our Retrofit Specialists work will include door and window replacement to increase overall energy efficiency. 

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Solar PV / Battery Storage

LivGreen expertly installs Solar PV and Battery Storage in homes to promote sustainable living while enhancing energy independence and ensuring uninterrupted power. 

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Retrofit Assessments / Coordination & Design

Our TrustMark approved Retrofit Assessors are trained to undertake a retrofit assessment for dwellings in accordance with PAS 2035. The Retrofit Coordinator occupies a vital project management role within the retrofit process. 

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Renewable Energy

At LivGreen we passionately advocate for energy efficiency as a cornerstone of our mission. Every step taken by LivGreen underscores their commitment to reducing carbon footprints, promoting energy independence, and driving a brighter, greener future for all.

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LivGreen expertly installs Ventilation Measures, minimising heat loss while ensuring optimal indoor air quality. These innovations heighten energy efficiency, reducing costs and fostering a comfortable, sustainable home environment.

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Planned Maintenance

LivGreen offers holistic home solutions, including general refurbishments. Our skilled team can seamlessly integrate renovations with sustainable upgrades, ensuring homes are not only energy-efficient but modernised and aesthetically pleasing. 

We Specialise in Zero Carbon Retrofit Programmes 
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