Damp, Mould and Decarbonisation

  • The webinar looked into the timely and important topic of Damp, Mould, and Decarbonisation, particularly in Social Housing. Learn more about retrofitting and decarbonising strategies for dealing with damp and mould. Join us and get ahead of the curve.

    The details:

    Friday 5th May 2023

    10:00 am - 11:30 am

    Topics of discussion:

    With damp and mould a constant issue, are we ready for a decarbonisation journey?
    What is the true meaning of ‘’ventilation adequacy’?
    What process do we have today to certify a retrofit process?

    If you were unable to attend the webinar, please book a recap session with one of our consultants who will discuss the webinar with you and ways of moving forward.

Damp, Mould and Decarbonisation Highlights

Key Speakers


David Bly
Operations Director at Cornerstone Management Services

David has an Engineering and Management background having been involved with the property damage management industry sector for the last 20 years encompassing the management and dissemination of key reporting protocols. His field-based experience aligns to the creation and production of unique reporting systems that serve to uphold professionalism and transparency of data interpretation for the industries Cornerstone serve.

 In addition, his experience aligns to the understanding of damp, condensation and mould related issues in properties combining all industry approved surveying techniques to deliver a bespoke service clients demand.


Adam Borrie
Senior Consultant at ARK Consultancy

Adam is a Senior Asset Management Consultant for Ark, with a business systems and change management background, who has developed a holistic approach to business improvement. Prior to joining ARK, Adam has worked for organisations within the housing sector where he has been a Director and Chair of an ALMO, Director of Property, Head of Service, as well as a designer, developer and analyst of asset management systems. He has operated at a senior level, both as an internal client and contractor. Adam has been a Director of two renewable energy SME’s and has worked for a US manufacturer of Solar PV inverters.


Carsten Herbert
Director at LivGreen

Carsten is the Client Relations Director at LivGreen. He assists clients in delivering their decarbonisation strategy and provides them with the best possible service and support in the industry. Carsten has built LivGreen to be one of the leading retrofit specialists in the sector covering an array of Retrofitting specialisms, some of which include; PAS 2035, PAS 2030, SHDF, and Energy Efficiency. The main goal being that they are assisting Social Landlords in achieving Net Zero across their housing portfolio.